Protect your home from cockroaches

harmful-invadersThese ugly and rather harmful invaders are frequent in both residential premises and commercial offices. Cockroaches are not just disturbing to see. They often play the role of a vector – transmitting various diseases, such as salmonella and typhoid and provoke an asthma attack in patients having respiratory problems. They, also, invade all kinds of organic materials, particularly food and clothes. All of this makes them high-risk pests and you should get response quickly, as soon as you spot them around your home, especially if you have kids, elders or sick people in the house. Cockroaches breed rapidly, run fast, climb walls and are very resistant. This makes them tough to exterminate with the application of common DIY repellents. Handling the mission to professional pest control service is the safest and the most effective solution.

How to say if cockroaches invaded your home?

People usually run into live insects in the kitchen, bathroom or any other place where food and organic goods are stored or in the areas high in humidity. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, so the most common situation is catching them right after turning the lights on during the night. Although there are three most common different types of cockroaches, people usually recognize them easily according to their brown bodies, multiple legs and specific ways of moving. Another way to detect invaders is to spot eggs, cast skins or droppings around your house. Finally, cockroaches can be traced by specific unpleasant smell they produce, and according to the damage, they leave behind. However, spotting one of few of them certainly means there’s a brood somewhere in or around the house.

Let professionals take care of cockroaches

nocturnal-insectsHandling this problem to qualified pest control service is the most effective and the safest solution. Commercially available chemical solutions usually kill the existing insects but fail to go deeper, and the pests invade again later. On the other hand, well-trained professionals will inspect your premises, identify the insect, localize the source of the problem, create the most efficient strategy and apply highly powerful insecticides using the latest technology. This usually eliminates living insects, eggs and the root of the problem.

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