Protect your home from rodents

Mice and rats are a common problem, particularly in rural areas and within homes with spacious backyards. Aside from being an ugly sight, rodents are a significant danger. Rats are notorious as carriers of various diseases. Rodents are capable of causing damage to your property by chewing your furniture or even electrical cables. Health risks are the most dangerous aspect of rodent invasion, especially in the houses where children live. Wandering around food in the kitchen or the clothes, rodents cause series of problems. Having a cat in the house usually, works just in cartoons. In reality, these invaders often require professional pests control service intervention.


How to know if you have rodent visitors in your house?

The surest sign of rodents around is certainly a close encounter with one of them. This usually happens accidentally when you spot a mouse or a rat running away from you, but several indirect signs can give you a clue. If you are here scratching or various sounds in the walls, don’t be paranoid, it’s probably just mice. Rodents gnaw wood, cables, plastic materials, clothes, carpets and many other goods so that you may run across damaged furniture and other signs of nibbling. Finding small dark droppings in specific areas in the house, such as under the sink, is a common sign of mice wandering around. Also, ammonia-like distinctive smell suggests mice were there. If you look at stuff like a refrigerator, you’ll probably find nests with young mice inside.

Let professionals deal with rodents

deal-with-rodentsThere is a wide assortment of commercially available products for moderation, but if you want the problem to be truly solved in the long run, you should handle it to qualified pests control service. This especially refers to bigger colonies of rodents when amateur solutions won’t be enough. Professional pest control technicians are well-trained to apply the most effective strategies, they use the latest equipment and take care of the invaders without harming your health or property.

Our company fights rodents rather successfully

We employ experienced and skilled moderation teams to provide highly professional and effective service, to offer you useful advice on how to keep your home free from rodents in the future and monitor your premises occasionally to ensure the effectiveness of the previous intervention. We respond immediately, conduct the procedure efficiently using solutions and methods that won’t put you and your family at risk.