Control termites before damage is done

colonyPeople eating voraciously are sometimes jokingly compared to the termites. These colony – forming insects can truly eat through the construction of your house within an impressive time. Termites form their communities and stick together and are capable of infesting foundations or walls of your home rapidly by breeding and forming new colonies. Depending on the type of termites, they look for various living conditions and use the various material as food. Subterranean termites require moisture in an environment where they settle. Thus you may find them in the humid soil or near water sources, such as your leaking pipes. Drywood termites, as the name says, settle their colonies in the wooden material. You will find them under your parquet or laminate, in the walls, under the joists or around trees in your backyard. Some types of termites are particularly aggressive and dangerous since their nests are often above the ground.

How to say if your home is infested with termites?

termites damageTermite infestation can go without any obvious sign for quite a long time. Sometimes the first sign of an active infestation pops up when the huge damage is already done. Depending on the type of termites settled in the construction of your home, the telltale signs may vary. Since Termites mostly feed on wood, boards of the floor, boxes, furniture and similar goods, hollow sound when tapping wood might give you a clue. Also, mud tunnels and holes in the walls can show you that colony is nearby. Cracked paint on the walls, termite droppings, and wasted wings are also the signs and leads to help you identify the problem and the cause. Finally, facing insect emerging from the holes in wall or floor is the only proof you need. Nevertheless, the definite identification of the invader, as well as the handling the problem should be left to the professionals.

How to fight termites in the house?

Termites can be tough to exterminate and the damage they are capable of causing can be devastating. After applying some of the commercially available solution, the colonies might be gone for some time, but they usually emerge again soon after. This is why you should trust this problem to professionals.

Our call out teams can handle this

Our qualified pests control service is fully equipped and trained to get rid of termite colonies in the most effective and safest way using powerful decoration products. Once we free your home from termites, we always stick around for a while to monitor your home and ensure the quality of applied procedures.